Business Modelling through the lens of the Customer Value framework.


Data Analysis

Financial Models

Business Model + Value Prop. Canvas to align vision, test proposition, experiment with models.

Analysis of customer or market data to gain insights and identify patterns.

Creation of financial models to test business model, align budgets, define projections.

The Customer Value framework looks at a business through the lens a customer base and the asset value that can be ascribed to that customer base. Rather than a simple ‘top-line/bottom-line’ view, we look deeper into the drivers of value in different customer cohorts.

This can be done from a very top-level view by looking at the Business Model Canvas + Value Proposition Canvas, or go deeper into business data in order to start identifying patterns, trends, and statistics.

Some projects are current businesses looking to innovate or identify new opportunities based on current data and real-time insights. Other projects are the development of startups or spinouts that require a blue-sky approach where all the research and models are designed around assumptions and a vision towards the future.

Project Management

Project Management is done on Notion to keep everything organized and on track.


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