New Tech

Bluesky Business Model

With Twitter on the cusp of major changes, one of the original Twitter (+Square) founders Jack Dorsey has put the building blocks in place for a “decentralized Twitter.” The Bluesky Vision blends Twitter (social) with… Read More »Bluesky Business Model

New Tech: Notion

Sometimes ‘The Tech’ is advanced technology that revolutionizes humanity. Other times it is a high-tech widget that automates some task in our daily lives. And then there is technology that is more about the design… Read More »New Tech: Notion

New Tech: Python

Innovations like Microsoft Excel are so embedded in our society nowadays that we forget that there was a time when they didn’t exist. Without ‘spreadsheets’ how did people and businesses manage any task that revolved… Read More »New Tech: Python

New Tech: Blockchain

There is Cryptocurrency. And there is Blockchain. They are not one and the same. In this version of New Tech, we distill the details of ‘the tech’ away from the wildly volatile price movements of… Read More »New Tech: Blockchain

New Tech: No Code

Will the next generation of digital platforms be built using No-Code? It may sound paradoxical, but we are entering an era where you can code with no code. By ‘you’ that means you, the non-coder.… Read More »New Tech: No Code