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Video Ads Business Model

Video is becoming more and more prominent as a communications method on the Internet. Cottage industry YouTubers, Instagrammers, and TikTokers have become celebrities in niche industries on the back of their video content. Many YouTube… Read More »Video Ads Business Model

Podcast Business Model

Podcasting – what was a ‘niche pursuit’ several years ago is becoming Big Business. If you are either running – or thinking about running – a podcast, there is money to be made. But the… Read More »Podcast Business Model

New Media Business Model

The early Twitter business model shift has sparked the conversation of who owns what on social. In the old (free) model, you are the product because advertisers make the rules. In the new (subscription) model,… Read More »New Media Business Model

Bluesky Business Model

With Twitter on the cusp of major changes, one of the original Twitter (+Square) founders Jack Dorsey has put the building blocks in place for a “decentralized Twitter.” The Bluesky Vision blends Twitter (social) with… Read More »Bluesky Business Model

Twitter Business Model

No longer is $TWTR a valid Ticker on the public markets. As of yesterday, Elon Musk has taken Twitter private. (KaboomPics thumb) Below is a ‘Business Model Vision’ based on where the company ends its… Read More »Twitter Business Model