Business Modelling

Customer Validation

When modelling out any idea or business, there are various layers – from concept through to execution – that must be tested. Once a new or novel Value Proposition is established, it must be tested… Read More »Customer Validation

Referral Data

Intuitively, many small business owners and entrepreneurs know that referrals drive growth and long-term profitability. No business wants to be stuck on the merry-go-round of needing to always acquiring new customers to stay afloat. But… Read More »Referral Data

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is a red hot area that touches on Statistics and Data Science, with a touch of human intuition. From a Business Modelling perspective, Predictive Analytics can add more precision and scale to the… Read More »Predictive Analytics

Value Proposition

At the heart of the Business Model Canvas is the ‘Value Proposition.’ The way that the Value Proposition is defined can determines the way that the rest of the Canvas is filled out. Glossing over… Read More »Value Proposition


‘Business Modeling’ is a somewhat ambiguous term that could be framed in several different ways depending on the type and stage of business you are modelling. Here we look at Unit Economics from a strategy… Read More »ARPU, CAC, LTV