Business Model Innovation

BMi – eGrocery

More than 20 years ago, a startup called Webvan raised more than $800 Million with the promise to revolutionize grocery delivery at the height of the Dot-Com Bubble. We all know how that story ended… Read More »BMi – eGrocery

BMi – Ghost Kitchens

It is fair to say that the COVID19 pandemic has not been good to most businesses, but one of the hardest-hit sectors has been the restaurant industry. The mid-term effects have yet to be fully… Read More »BMi – Ghost Kitchens

BMi – Resale Fashion

One of the new niches in the fashion world is the ‘Resale’ (ie. consignment) category. Part thrift, part sustainability, this new ‘niche’ has evolved into a multi-billion dollar market and has the potential to transform… Read More »BMi – Resale Fashion

BMi – Homeward

The inception of the ‘iBuyer’ marketplace in the USA is a curious new trend. What’s an iBuyer? That’s why we are going to look under the hood at Homeward – fresh off a $105M USD… Read More »BMi – Homeward

BMi – Apple Pay

While many other Big Tech firms are eyeing ways to leverage their platforms to enter the banking fray, Apple has taken a different approach – partnering with the banks and card networks – and created… Read More »BMi – Apple Pay

BMi – Afterpay Touch

AfterPay Touch is hot, red hot. Launched in only 2014, the company went public in 2016, and since that point has been on a growth trajectory rarely seen even among Fintech Unicorns. The company responsible… Read More »BMi – Afterpay Touch