Measuring Customer Value

A lot of SMBs go from year to year without insights into the core drivers of ‘Customer Value’ beneath the typical revenue and margin P&L items. Small & Medium Businesses have to oscillate between in-house… Read More »Measuring Customer Value

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is a red hot area that touches on Statistics and Data Science, with a touch of human intuition. From a Business Modelling perspective, Predictive Analytics can add more precision and scale to the… Read More »Predictive Analytics


‘Business Modeling’ is a somewhat ambiguous term that could be framed in several different ways depending on the type and stage of business you are modelling. Here we look at Unit Economics from a strategy… Read More »ARPU, CAC, LTV

Business Model Analytics

Business Model + Analytics. We hear lots about business models (especially on this site!) and lots about analytics in the business world. But what do Business Model Analytics themselves look like? The frequently discussed Business… Read More »Business Model Analytics