About me

Ideas Are My Currency

I have always been fascinated by big ideas that change how we think about humanity. That’s why I studied business models first. Ideas without a model of execution are bound to fail.

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Food Services CEO (US)

“Joel’s a very bright guy and very easy to work with”

Tech Entrepreneur (US)

“Joel is one of those rare contemplative, pragmatic, insightful people that are a joy to work with. “


I like to write because I can articulate ideas, models, trends, & stories much more cohesively in written form. I have been able to reach people worldwide just by writing my thoughts and using a few basic SEO tricks.

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I have spent the last several years deep diving into Business Model + Customer Analytics. I have been training in different software in preparation to scale that research in the years ahead. The core idea is around Customer Referrals/Retention.

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My Background

I started out studying Biochemistry at UVic. A spontaneous decision to start a painting company (Tomorrow’s Tuition) and then go on foreign exchange (Buenos Aires) put me on a path into Business.