Content on business models, business model innovation, strategies, and having a vision.


Customer Development

The importance of the Customer Development process for design and validation of the business model.

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Cashflow Forecasting

Matching expectations of the vision with the reality of the process. Not just ‘up and to the right.’

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Testing New Business Models

Few processes require more rigor than Business Model creation/innovation.

Tap into the Toolkit to find the best ways to navigate the process and validate assumptions.

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Business Model Analytics

Apply the CBCV Framework to see why CAC is so so important to the long-term health of a company.

Learn about the best Analytics/Metrics to focus on for the holistic business model.

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Food Services CEO (US)

“Joel methodically analyzed the business and its many facets and together we strategized how to budget for and tackle a large growth project.”

Tech Entrepreneur (US)

“Joel brings great financial analysis and discipline. Not only is Joel a great conceptual thinker, but he’s also terrific when it comes to business model innovation and testing our ideas”

Fund Manager (UK)

“Joel was a pleasure to work with and I would strongly recommend him for research-related opportunities.”


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