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What Is Business Model Innovation?

Structure for Designing New Business Models

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The strategy of launching on new platforms in new markets.



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Business Model Analytics

Cut the Fat – analyze what’s working and what’s not

Apply the CBCV Framework to see why CAC and related variables are so so important to the long-term health of a company.

Learn about the best Analytics/Metrics to focus on for the holistic business model.

Business Model Analytics - Test new business models


Business Model Toolkit

Tap into the Toolkit to find the best ways to navigate the process and validate assumptions.

Test New Business Models - Business Model Innovation


Value Proposition Testing – Process

An index of 5 posts that discusses key considerations for testing new Value Propositions

Business Model FAQ
Why test new business models?

Statistically, the vast majority of new businesses will fail. At what stage of the lifecycle they fail (lack of product-market fit, not enough capital, etc.) will vary, but failure usually stings equally in any situation. Creating a new model and testing it in a certain way can help a) reduce the risks of failure, and b) center assumptions on key levers of the process in order to anchor expectations.

Which tools are best to test new business models?

Many are now familiar with the Business Model Canvas. When paired with a framework like Customer Development by Steve Blank, a process for testing, iteration, and validation can be created. Ultimately, there are an assortment of tools that we have linked in the Business Model Toolkit to help create a smorgasbord of options. Each tool may or may not be useful depending on the person.

What about pitch decks and financial models?

Professional VCs and Investors will see hundreds or thousands of pitch decks each month. Invariably, any investment decision will almost guaranteed to be made around a) current market traction b) previous experience with capital (exits, etc.). Power Laws favor those who have already raised capital previously. A pretty pitch deck or a wildly speculative financial model will not change any of this. Read more about the process of cashflow forecasts in relation to Customer Development. See more about Financial Models.

Why does BMi (Business Model Innovation) matter?

Historically, looking back at many of the most successful businesses and/or entrepreneurs, the major inflection points in their growth happened relative to their business model and not due to technological innovation. In many cases, the top technological innovators are not the ones who cash in. Understanding BMi is helpful for both new and existing businesses. Executing BMi is arduous and by no means a short-term undertaking, but it can create long-term, sustainable competitive advantages.

Why are Business Model Analytics important?

Over time, you will see a lot of data points thrown around about why a business does or doesn’t fail – poor sales pipeline, bad products, missed opportunities, etc. The amount of data thrown around on the subject is equivalent to something like the stock market; it becomes overwhelming. Thorough analysis of CBCV research shows a set of emerging patterns, trends, etc. over time. Business Model Analytics is a summary of that data in a creative way.


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