Innovation+ > Talent

We are in a war for talent.  And this war is exacerbated by massive generational differences that lead to large gaps in experience, expectations, and outlook towards the future.  Much has been written on what many call an entitled generation of millennials (Gen Y).  Next you have Gen Z, the first native digital […]

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Innovation+ > Culture

What is culture?  Some say it is the set of beliefs that permeate an organization without any words being spoken.  Nowadays, nearly everyone is calling their culture innovative.  Here’s the kicker – it’s not innovative unless innovations are being produced.  How do you produce a culture of innovation if you don’t know […]

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Innovation+ > Vision

There is vision and then there are visionaries.  Not all of us are visionaries, but to make innovation work we all need some vision.  Where is the market going? What does the future look like? Nowadays, the trend is technology – automation, algorithmization, and artificial intelligence – but these are meta […]

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