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Business Model Canvas – ASTA for Artisans (Brazil) A business model is defined as: “the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers and captures value.”  Alex Osterwalder et al invented the Business Model Canvas to help individuals and organizations conceptualize how to analyze, create, and develop business models. REDE.ASTA BM CANVAS “In Brazil, in particular, the need […]

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Hubdot Business Model – A Conversation with Simona

Below is a conversation around the Hubdot KT (Kitchen Table) with Simona Barbieri, Founder and Creative Director of Hubdot.  We talk about the story of the Lumos-Hubdot connection, the Hubdot vision/brand/business model, and how to scale a company without compromising its social impact and values. After reading the Etsy Business […]

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