The World Is About to Change


Despite political, economic, and social uncertainty coming out of the United States, one very intriguing element of the country’s strategy is the creation of the United States Space Force.  The Space Force will be created as a 6th branch of the US Military, and will be sure to stir up controversy on that […]

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How Innovations Arise


  Could it be true that innovations are not random but actually predictable? That’s what a new mathematical study earlier this year by Vittorio Loreto and co. at the University of Rome concluded. Their research demonstrated that innovations can be modeled between the actual and the possible. + Mathematical Model […]

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BMi: The 4th Industrial Revolution


  World Economic Forum ‘We are now in the early stages of the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is bringing together digital, physical and biological systems.”   The world is about to go through the greatest transformation in its history. The Digital Economy According to a recent report by Accenture, ‘the […]

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BMi: What Analysts Get Wrong About Innovation


  This BMi post was inspired by a recent post on the Wealthfront blog titled ‘What Analysts Get Wrong About Innovation:” “In my experience, industry observers consistently make the same mistake. They evaluate innovations based on their magnitude of adoption, rather than their rate of adoption.” Many Analysts are focused on the […]

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Business Model Innovation (BMi) and the #NewEraBiz


Business Model Innovation (BMi) has been a persistent topic on the Lumos blog since the beginning. BMi is about developing new ways to bring existing product and services to existing markets. One of the key advantages of BMi is that most of the innovation happens beneath the surface, making it both difficult to understand and replicate. In […]

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