How Innovations Arise

  Could it be true that innovations are not random but actually predictable? That’s what a new mathematical study earlier this year by Vittorio Loreto and co. at the University of Rome concluded. Their research demonstrated that innovations can be modeled between the actual and the possible. + Mathematical Model […]

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BusinessModel Innovation: The 4th Industrial Revolution

  World Economic Forum ‘We are now in the early stages of the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is bringing together digital, physical and biological systems.”   The world is about to go through the greatest transformation in its history. The Digital Economy According to a recent report by Accenture, ‘the […]

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BusinessModel Innovation: What Analysts Get Wrong About Innovation

TL&DR.  Rate of Change is much more important than Total Market Size when you are talking about innovation.  Don’t be fooled just because something is excelling in a niche, as history has proven many times that those niches become the monster markets of the future. This BMi post was inspired by a […]

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