What is Strategy?

Defined for the New Economy

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Business School Frameworks

Strategy Frameworks are Changing.  From the original Porter’s 5 Forces to Blue Ocean Strategy, the main strategy frameworks are being redefined with markets.

Porters 5 Forces

The groundbreaking strategy framework for industrialists from the ’70s and still widely used –  Michael Porter 1979

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Blue Ocean Strategy

Relatively new framework to find new market opportunities – W. Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne 2004

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Reinventing Your Business Model

A new framework for creating new business models – Christensen, Johnson & Kagerman 2008

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Disruptive Ideologies

A new breed of strategy frameworks, including – Business Model Canvas, 4  Steps to the Epiphany, and Crossing the Chasm – are fuelling category creators.  These frameworks are more synonymous with digital markets and platformized models. 

Market Entry

Both upstarts and incumbents are looking at strategies to increase their market share in traditional markets. 


Companies of all shapes and sizes are linking their strategy to innovation and assumptions about new future markets. 

Adjacent Markets

Companies with a culture of innovation and bountiful resources are looking at opportunities to move into adjacent markets.

How Data Shapes Strategy

An integrated view of analytics and theory

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