Business Model Innovation

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Business Model Canvas – Banking

#Finance #Banking Fintech is the talk of the town these days. Disruption is the mode du jour worldwide, and now it has arrived into the world of finance to shakeup the banks. But few Fintechs actually…
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Business Model Canvas – Zillow

#RealEstate #Sales Zillow started off like the Rightmove of the USA. In 2004, they created a platform that enabled consumers to search for homes across the United States to rent or buy. The…
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Business Model Canvas – Shopify

#eCommerce #Fintech Shopify At this point, most people probably know about the Canadian eCommerce giant Shopify. Merchants – big and small – open a store on Shopify and use the software to…
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Finance: Cashflow and Present Value

Cashflow. Cashflow. Cashflow. In the midst of COVID19, cashflow is everything. While some digital and eCommerce businesses are ramping-up, the vast majority are seeing cash inflows (+) turn to outflow…
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