There is more to innovation than typically meets the eye.  Exponential and non-linear in nature, innovations arise when a complex set of factors come together to expose an entirely new market opportunity. 

Snippets on Innovations

Short posts about key principles that underpin innovation. 

Innovation+ > Culture

What is culture?  Some say it is the set of beliefs that permeate an organization without any words being spoken.  Nowadays, nearly everyone is calling their culture innovative. &n…
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Innovation+ > Focus

Most of the mindset we have around Innovation is shaped by the Media.  Seeing movies like ‘The Social Network,’ watching TV Shows like ‘Dragon’s Den,’ and reading ab…
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Innovation+ > Inflection

Have a look on Linked-In and you will see ‘experts’ on entrepreneurship and innovation on millions of profiles.  How are there so many experts? Simple.  They once were  part of an innov…
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How Innovations Arise

Could it be true that innovations are not random but actually predictable? That’s what a new mathematical study earlier this year by Vittorio Loreto and co. at the University of Rome concluded. …
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Innovation+ > Timing

Timing is everything.  Often times you will hear people say ‘I had that idea 5 years before …’ And that’s the kicker.  Many of us will have ideas, many times before they beco…
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Innovation Markets

Examples of markets where innovation is happening at a blistering pace. 


Fintech looks ready to run-up the S-Curve and hit the global mainstream in the years ahead, taking on traditional banks head-on. 

Challenger Banks and the New Economy

Challenger Banks (aka NeoBanks) are on the rise. Their growth has been spurred by consumer frustration with the old guard – stemming from the ’08 financial crisis – and a massive war…
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Business Model Canvas – N26

#Fintech Quick Pitch – N26 is ‘the Mobile Bank,’ one of the world’s top challenger banks based out of Germany, offering the ability to open a bank account in ‘8 m…
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Over the course of the last decade, almost nothing has been a more polarizing innovation in the world than Bitcoin. 

Blockchain + Digital Currency

#Blockchain is defined as the ‘great chain of being sure about things.” by The Economist. We are moving towards a blockchain future where the marginal cost of a transaction drops to zero a…
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Cryptocurrency: The Bitcoin Standard

Money is the information and measurement system of an economy, and sound money is what allows trade, investment, and entrepreneurship to proceed on a solid basis, whereas unsound money throws these pr…
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Real estate is one of the last major sectors on the verge of being fully transformed by technology.  Buckle up!

Business Model Canvas – CoLiving

#Housing What is Coliving? Quick Pitch – Coliving is a more communal way of living, where costs and space are shared in such a way that residents feel an enhanced quality of life and a greater s…
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Business Model Canvas – SpotAHome

#Housing Quick Pitch – SpotAHome is an online mid-term rental platform where tenants can rent rooms in European cities from abroad without having to view the room. SpotAHome’…
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Housing: The Mid-Term Market

The mid-term market – defined as stays between 1 and 6 months – is about to be the next major market to be disrupted by the sharing-economy model of trust and no asset ownership.  Thi…
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