May 4, 2019

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What is culture?  Some say it is the set of beliefs that permeate an organization without any words being spoken.  Nowadays, nearly everyone is calling their culture innovative.  Here’s the kicker – it’s not innovative unless innovations are being produced.  How do you produce a culture of innovation if you don’t know what innovation is?

To put it bluntly, a culture of innovation will produce innovation. Producing innovation will lead to benefits across the organization, including: emotional, social, financial, and spiritual.  Because innovation is entropy, it’s the way forward.  The expression innovate or die is once again becoming applicable, and therefore organizations must strive to create the belief system within their teams that if they don’t innovate, they die.

 Positive thinking and fake mantras don’t lead to innovation. The belief system needs to be there;  it needs to emanate from the leadership, not be something painted on the walls and written in corporate reports. Because even though corrupt, monopolistic corporations can survive without innovation, the best people will always move towards the most innovative, rewarding opportunities.

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