Hubdot Business Model – A Conversation with Simona


Below is a conversation around the Hubdot KT (Kitchen Table) with Simona Barbieri, Founder and Creative Director of Hubdot.  We talk about the story of the Lumos-Hubdot connection, the Hubdot vision/brand/business model, and how to scale a company without compromising its social impact and values. After reading the Etsy Business […]

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Blockchain and The Lease

kaboompics_Loft Aparts - Architecture of the city of Lodz, Poland (1)

At RoomForTea, we see a mass amount of pent-up demand for shared-living experiences across generations. Everyday, we see older homeowners renting out a room in their home to a trusted member of the younger generation on RoomForTea at a discounted rental rate. Why? Because our platform creates a sense of […]

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How Innovations Arise


  Could it be true that innovations are not random but actually predictable? That’s what a new mathematical study earlier this year by Vittorio Loreto and co. at the University of Rome concluded. Their research demonstrated that innovations can be modeled between the actual and the possible. + Mathematical Model […]

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