Lighting a path, shaping a plan, building a new business. 

Financial Model

The Lumos financial model for mapping out a 3-year financial forecast for business/revenue modelling. Also available in £.

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BMi RevLine

Walk through the basics of BMi, outline ways to Rev up the Engines based on the 0 to 1 philosophy & look at examples of global BMi

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Innovation Model

A conceptual model structured around a vision for the Future, a map of the Macro and a Model for market entry.

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If > Then

These tools can help construct If > Then Scenarios, which are useful when trying to map out a 3 – 5 year path ahead for a new business.

If (x happens) Then (y will result).

If you start looking at many interconnected elements within a certain ecosystem, you can start to estimate probabilities and design forecasts that can be capitalized on. 

Many of today’s tools compartmentalize thinking and at best generate mediocre ideas that lead to incremental innovation, and at worst lead to a buzzword-filled Powerpoint about the next big thing. 

Real innovation requires real Vision, the challenge is always to translate a vision into something that can be designed, financed and developed. This requires a Model, which can then be distilled into an initial product or service Prototype to test on the market.   

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