Navigating Risk, Forecasting Uncertainty

Innovation and entrepreneurship require foresight.  Business modeling using available data helps to navigate risks and strategize accordingly.  

Project New Revenue Streams

Forecast new revenue streams using available data to get a better view on cashflow, break-even, etc.

Identify Break-Even Points

Understand how many new customers or contracts are needed to reach break-even, stress-test margins and model worst-case scenarios. 

Create New Metrics

New businesses require one or two core metrics to benchmark success, and often times those metrics require inputs from multiple parties. 

Business Model Examples

Business Model Canvas – SpotAHome

#Housing Quick Pitch – SpotAHome is an online mid-term rental platform where tenants can rent rooms in European cities from abroad without having to view the room. SpotAHome’…
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Business Model Canvas – Farfetch

#Fashion Farfetch Farfetch is an online luxury fashion retailer, a company that pioneered a tech-driven model that doesn’t rely on owning inventory. They platformized the supply chain and create…
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Business Model Canvas – Monzo

#Fintech Monzo Monzo is a UK-based, digital-only Challenger Bank – one of the fastest-growing among Revolut N26 and others. 3 in every 100 people in the UK use Monzo, and with a US launch on the…
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