What is a Business Model?

How an organization creates, captures and delivers value. 

Business Model Canvas explained

Business Model Canvas

Examples of the Business Model Canvas from some upstarts at the bleeding edge of their respective industries. 

Business Model Canvas – Uber

#Mobility #Delivery #Logistics It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s an Uber. Is this the future? On the back of Uber’s autonomous vehicle tech, the current Business Model split betw…
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Business Model Canvas – Houzz

#Housing #Design Houzz There is no place like home. And nobody knows that better than Houzz. The world’s leading platform for home remodeling and design has built a marketplace that connects ren…
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Business Model Canvas – Clubhouse

Clubhouse is the talk of the town these days; not since the early days of social media has there been this much buzz about an app like this. That’s because Clubhouse is invite-only and a complet…
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What is Business Model Innovation?

Business Model Innovation is the process of taking an existing business model through a series of improvements (technological, service, etc) at the base layers, improvements that are usually difficult to replicate. 

Business Model Innovation

Examples of some innovative, young companies throwing Business Model Innovation (BMi) into action!