Between 2010 & 2013, Joel helped build high-growth companies across Canada. Between 2014 &  2018, he helped incubate 3 innovative companies in London UK. 

Joel Finningley

Lived in Latin America, London, and across Canada. Entrepreneur by nature, Strategist by training.  Sees the opportunities before they become mainstream. 

Plurilock / CyberSec / 2010 - 2012

1st business hire in 2010.  Market analysis indicated big Future Market for cyber security. Now fast-growing, VC funded market leader in behavioral biometrics (AI, ML). 

Work:  #Website #SEO #Marketing #GrantFunding
Prana / Organic Snacks / 2013

1st hire for eCommerce department in 2013. Market analysis indicated big Future Market for high-quality, organic snacks. Now one of the top organic brands in Canada and growing into new categories.

Work: #Design #Strategy #Margins #P&L

Prana Online Store
Hubdot / Networking / 2014

About: Hubdot focuses on creating meaningful connections amongst women through exciting events using the Dots. High-growth, pan-European company attempting to revolutionize networking.

Innovation Incubation: #DevelopVision,  #Logo&Brand,  #GrowthFactors, #BusinessPlan, #Expansion
SiCasa / Real Estate / 2015-2016

About: SiCasa (originally 10Lord) was born out of the agency/trust problem in the London real-estate market.  A huge, multi £bn opportunity at the nexus of the PropTech revolution. 

Innovation Incubation: #MarketAnalysis, #DataModel,  #Partnerships, #ProductDesign
RoomForTea / Real Estate / 2017-

About: RoomForTea enables homeowners in London to rent out their room on a flexible, mid-term basis to verified guests.  A community, design-driven approach has opened the door to cracking the multi £bn opportunity in the global Shared Living market.

Innovation Incubation: #MarketAnalysis, #HumanCapital, #AngelFunding, #ProductManagement

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