November 5, 2016

#SharingEconomy: Trust Mechanisms in the Digital Age


“Social Profiles and Social Reviews Help Someone Make a Choice”


“The key social identifier (for BlaBlaCar) is how much you are going to talk in the car. Bla – not a lot : BlaBla – you want a nice bit of chit chat – BlaBlaBla – you are not going to stop talking the entire way from Paris to London.”

BlaBlaCar transports more than 4 million people every month.

“Trust is a confident relationship to the unknown”


“After studying hundreds of networks and marketplaces, there is a common pattern that people follow. I call it the Trust Stack 1) you have to trust the idea 2) having confidence in the platform 3) using little bits of information to determine if the person is trustworthy”

“We started to place our trust into black box systems of authority”


“But what’s happening now runs deeper than the rampant questioning of the size and structure of institutions. We’re starting to realize that institutional trust wasn’t designed for the digital age. Conventions of how trust is built, managed, lost and repaired, in brands, leaders and entire systems is being turned upside down.”

“The 21st century will be fueled by distributed trust”

“This shift is only going to accelerate with the emergence of the blockchain, the innovative ledger technology underpinning bitcoin … The Economist eloquently described the blockchain as the great chain of being sure about things.”



The implications are huge ; )