Business Modelling & Innovation

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Business Model Canvas – Bandcamp

Bandcamp has a simple business model in an industry that is notorious for ripping the artists off: music. In this Business Model Canvas we look at how the whole model combines to help musicians both s…
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Business Model Canvas – Payments

Payments is a complex, fragmented, multi-trillion dollar industry that is currently in the throes of disruption. But behind it all is a business model, which is why we dive into the Business Model Can…
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The Creative Renaissance

Vive le Creative Renaissance. As the effects of COVID19 start to become apparent, so to does the fact that the world will change irreversibly in the years ahead, even as rules around physical distanci…
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How Innovations Arise

Could it be true that innovations are not random but actually predictable? That’s what a new mathematical study earlier this year by Vittorio Loreto and co. at the University of Rome concluded. …
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Business Model Canvas – Chime

The bell is ringing and the Banks are starting to hear the Chime of a Challenger Bank that is eating into their market share. We look at the Business Model Canvas of US-Based Chime and its 12 Million+…
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