Business Modelling & Innovation

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Business Model Canvas – Nubank

If one of the world’s most infamous old-school investors is investing in a challenger bank, then you know we are reaching an inflection point in the market. The intrigue of the newly-minted $30 …
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Business Model Canvas – Payments

Payments is a complex, fragmented, multi-trillion dollar industry that is currently in the throes of disruption. But behind it all is a business model, which is why we dive into the Business Model Can…
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Finance: IPO Democratization

In the complex world of investing, there are always fly-by-night trends trying to masquerade as movements to rope in retail investors. Mean reversion always separates the wheat from the chaff in the e…
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Strategy – Platform Dynamics

The more that business models shift online, the more the underlying economy is affected by ‘platform dynamics’ and the business model innovation (BMi) associated with those dynamics. Under…
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